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Ups and Downs

Gravity: a constant and largely inescapable companion. It will often tap you on the shoulder to remind you who is really in charge of the situation. A gentle reminder that when anything needs to be lifted, some level of commitment and work is required by you (if you refrain from mechanical assistance). As such, when treated […]

First in its class

Studying hard for school exams did not enable the luxury of an evening training at the local track, but for added motivation a fresh pair of adidas Concerto racing flats stood on the desk right in front of me. A pristinely white mesh upper combined with feather light compression moulded EVA sole, they appeared almost […]

Bushy Park Burpees with BMF

Situated to the South West of London, Bushy Park is one of my regular training venues when back in the UK. A wonderfully wild landscape within an urban setting, it has great variety from season to season, even day to day. From the magic of a winter’s morning for a refreshing run through the glistening […]