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Hitting the single track in Arizona

There is possibly no other place I would rather run than along a peacefully scenic, rolling and slightly technical single track trail. In and out, up and down, round and round, I call it ‘roller coaster’ running. It reminds me of childhood trips to a local theme park; the roller coaster would wind its way up the […]

Wenchi Lake Trail

Three weeks into my base training block in Ethiopia and I jumped at the opportunity to travel 150 kilometres west of Addis Ababa to discover the beauty of Wenchi Crater Lake. The area is famed for its dramatic mountainous landscape, used partly as farmland and partly covered by natural forest. Just getting there was dramatic […]

Embracing the winter month

Mid November, in the heat of the African sunshine I planned to spend Christmas at home in the United Kingdom, for the first time in four years. Relaxation in front of a warm log fire with a glass of mulled wine; laughter, games and lively festivity; a Christmas tree covered in traditional German wooden decorations […]