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Wenchi Lake Trail

Three weeks into my base training block in Ethiopia and I jumped at the opportunity to travel 150 kilometres west of Addis Ababa to discover the beauty of Wenchi Crater Lake.

The area is famed for its dramatic mountainous landscape, used partly as farmland and partly covered by natural forest. Just getting there was dramatic enough, straw roofed huts nestled on steep hillsides and surrounded by a vibrant patchwork of crop fields, eucalyptus forest and banana plantations.

The crater is an extinct volcano and contains a large (wait for it) lake, hot mineral springs and waterfalls. Approximately 4000 people live within the crater and many of them took to the Wenchi Lake Trail course to cheer on the passing runners!

It was a great day out, sharing my joy of the trail with the three hundred or so participants assembled. The course was relatively short but incredibly challenging, starting at 3300 metres elevation before descending steeply into the crater, looping around at the bottom and climbing back out. Off the back of a 100 mile week I will never forget the quadriceps burn I felt that day but high-five-ing the rows of local Ethiopian children on approaching the finish made it all so very worthwhile.