Hitting the single track in Arizona

There is possibly no other place I would rather run than along a peacefully scenic, rolling and slightly technical single track trail.

In and out, up and down, round and round, I call it ‘roller coaster’ running. It reminds me of childhood trips to a local theme park; the roller coaster would wind its way up the steep incline, the anticipation building, before gravity took over and the cart descended at speed hurtling round the banked curves.

Running is somewhat different, strength and control is required to handle the descents, the rises sap your every energy and sometimes you find yourself hoping that there is a flat section at the top to enable you to recover. It is when I can run ten miles on single track at pace that I know I am truly fit, not a gauge that is normally used!

Here in Flagstaff, Arizona, there is an abundance of single track trail. Such variety including expansive pine forest trails, rocky mountain paths, wildflower meadows, sandy sections and deep bottomed canyons. It really is a great spot for people who enjoy outdoor sports and lying at over 2000 metres elevation you will undoubtedly get fit!