Spring in my Step

Spring has come to the Alps, well almost! There will undoubtably be a few last flurries of snowfall but the signs are certainly there – rising temperatures, longer days, increasing levels of birdsong, the emergence of wild flowers and fresh green shoots from amongst the undergrowth.

2016/2017 was full of adventure and new challenges as I experienced my first winter season in the mountains, and having spent countless summers in the Alps which I have come to call ‘home’ it was about time. Cross-country skiing, winter running, Alpine skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and a lot more besides – all activities which I found to refresh the mind and soul whilst building a deeper reserve of strength, robustness and agility.

As the snow continues to melt and my Alpine trail network emerges from the glistening white, I feel spring in my step not just in my surroundings. Eagerly seeking out snow-free routes, it is a game full of delight seeing how high in elevation it is possible to run – Piz Padella, 2857m currently stands top of the leader-board.

Seeing the landscape from the top of a rocky peak gives me an unique feeling of warmth, joy and harmony – I look forward to a summer of many mountain tops!