Canada 01

Q: What does an Olympian do in her break?

A: She goes canoeing in the Algonquin Provincial Park, Canada!

Well, I think this Olympian may be a bit of an exception to the rule. Kevin and I love active adventure so in late September we took to the water to get away from it all.

Fresh air, vast open lakes, bears and moose, beavers and snapper turtles, mile upon mile of forest. It really was the perfect way to refresh the mind and body after a long, hard summer.

The trees were changing colour so it was stunning array of yellow, red, gold, brown and the last remaining green.

In the Algonquin, the network of lakes are connected by ‘portage’ routes, basically rough and rugged meandering footpaths through the woodland. When reaching a portage, you pick up the canoe, put it on your head and walk! Along with all our food and camping equipment it was quite some load to lug and with portages ranging from 200m to 5000m we worked up quite an appetite.

I was at the front of our foot canoe with Kevin at the back. I like to think that I was the powerhouse and he just did the steering but I know that is not the case. However weak I was, it was definitely a welcome start to strengthening my upper body.

After a week, hardly seeing a single soul, we felt energized, refreshed and ready to go again.